10 Life saving tips from Fatlama to get you festival ready in 2018

Our friends at Fatlama get you prepared for the festival season.

It’s that time of the year again, spring is in the air and people are waking up to planning their summer holidays, which is why it’s important to note that festival tickets are going on sale - and selling fast. So if you haven’t yet decided between Sundown and Secret Garden Party we recommend you do so now. With over 55 major festivals in the UK alone the choice is never easy, but once you have your dates booked you can get down to the serious business of preparing for your summer of fun! Here are some key bits of advice to bear in mind as you make your plans.

Bring your own flag pole

Everyman’s home is his castle as they say… well the same is true of your tent. Its seems outlandish, but topping your tent with a flag will save you hours of drunken stumbling in the dark when your desperate for your for your kip. Pitching near a recognisable feature is helpful as well - lamp post, hill, marquee, whatever (except for loos - don’t do that).

How to sleep

Pre planning is key here, especially for multiple day festivals as you are going to need some down time at some point. My best tip here is getting a bigger tent than you think you need. Trust me you will tire very quickly of waking up next to your mate’s progressively smellier feet as the week goes on. If you are working on a strict budget you can look at renting a large tent (for a fraction of the price of buying one) on peer-to-peer rental sites like Fat Lama.

Pack a dry bag

A bin bag is good, a dry bag is better. Festivals in the UK are notoriously wet and it only takes one ill-pitched tent to leave you with all your possessions swimming in water. If you wish to keep one dry pair of socks and some edible food, be meticulous and put your essentials in a sealed bag.

Bring water bottle lids

If it’s a hot day (or you are very hungover) and constant water consumption is essential, you are ripe for being stung by the old festival trick of the vendor taking off the lid when they sell you the bottle. Having the choice to either down the whole bottle or carry it in your hand (thereby dramatically restricting your dance moves and letting it get warm) is not ideal. Be savvy, bring your own lids, and delight in sticking two fingers up at the system.

Hand sanitizer and baby wipes

If you have been to a festival before I do not need to explain the value of these two items. For you first timers, the baby wipes are now your shower, the hand sanitizer your only defense against the horror of the portaloos. Need I elaborate?

Head torches and bum bags are in

Contrary to all you have been raised on, head torches and bumbags are sort after items at a festival - they can even be fashionable. The head torch is essential for guiding you home/ to the loo/ anywhere in the dark and is also very useful to hang up in your tent (added tip stick it in a plastic milk bottle for extra glow). The bumbag is a safe way to carry your essentials and have both hands free for drinking, eating, dancing or all three!

Forget selfies...buy a low-value phone

However fun the festival is, you will leave on a bad note if you lose your expensive smartphone. Just don’t risk it, take a brick phone and enjoy looking old school… maybe even commit to a disposable camera as well!

Duct tape solves all

Holes in tents, wellies and waterproofs can be saved by some well placed duct tape. The same is true of almost any other problem including broken tent poles, zips and noisy friends.

Snacks and breakfast food

Festival food is expensive so in order to save yourself a lot of cash try to restrict yourself to one big bought meal a day and supplement the rest with your own supplies. Key tip, bring some breakfast food and long life milk, you’ll find you will crave it after a few days of eating solely chips.

Storm the crowds from the sides

All of the savviest festival goers know that the way to the front of a stage is from the sides. If you have come to see one band/ performer, in particular, don’t risk having an eagle’s view from the back. Go round the majority of the crowd and in at the side, you can work your way forward a lot quicker from there!   

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