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DGTL Barcelona 2017 Review – The ecofriendly festival left a mark in the electronic summer

DGTL Barcelona reached 35.000 attendants of 53 nationalities on its third edition focusing primarily on the environmental awareness.

The festival was celebrated at Parc Del Fórum the 11 and 12 of August with 52 artists in four different stages. This third edition convened 5.000 more attendants than last year due to its attracting lineup and their last two successful fests. Each day the timetable started at 3 pm and finished at 3 am offering in total 24 hours of Techno, House, and Deep house music. The festival also counted with a Sunday brunch at Parc Del Forum.


Stages and Art Projects

DGTL received us with a new distribution of their four stages and artistic projects that entertained and inspired visitors. The names of the stages and the layout of the festival took the design and operation of a modular synthesizer. The two main stages were the Modular that was placed under the covered concrete structure and decorated with an awesome 3D geometric LED installation and the imposing AMP. The last one was placed in the large auditorium of the park where most of the people enjoyed this modern fest and was the only outdoor stage. The AMP also counted with a huge screen and an amazing play of lights that left you hypnotized.

The other two stages were the Generator and the Frequency. The first one was located immediately to the left of the entrance in the esplanade of the Fórum. The Frequency was settled under the solar panel and had beautiful views at the both sides of the stage.

The artistic projects play a relevant role in DGTLs personality. The art proposal that I liked the most was the “Crossing Lines” a stunning light and sound installation formed by four cargo containers. These containers used LED tubes that mixed with dark waves sounds to create a mysterious atmosphere. Another artistic design that impressed me was the Infinity Immersive installation. This was a cube with dozens of reflections of yourself, where you entered alone. The combination of the music and visuals was marvelous, and as you were by yourself it was easy to let go and dance as you wish. The well-organized stages and the art program were two highlights that distinguished DGTL. 


I found the organization very professional, people had no problem at all to access. There were plenty of security guards and medical assistants to control and solve any problems. The location of the food, merchandise, bars, and bathrooms was good, but at night it got a bit overloaded. The variety of food was regular, they pleased everyone with their food stands that included hamburgers, wraps, Asian food, and pizza.


As I mentioned before one of the things that characterize DGTL is their concern about the environment by using sustainable energy and renewable sources to power the event. Throughout the year they search the newest technological innovations to reduce waste and aware and stimulate the sustainable participation of visitors. DGTL is an example for other festivals in this topic, they don´t dream about potential solutions, they implement them.

Friday Artists

Tale of Us

The Italians Karm and Matteo played an obscured and particular electronic set on the Modular stage. Tale of us is characterized for using techno and house sounds and mixe them with pop and rock music. Compared to the other artists that played in DGTL, their techno was more paused and tranquil. The audience danced softer and more fluid. The show was shadowy and their creative sounds very immersive.

Mind Against

I really enjoy listening and dancing to this Italian duo that combines IDM, techno, and house. Their sounds were very imaginative and on point. The psychedelic music influenced by the 1980s music gave us a vast variety of rhythms to move in many different ways. The screens images and light effects of the AMP stage made the performance more impressive and entertaining.


The German DJ’s Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann that identifies for combining funk music from the 80’s with American deep house and techno performed their DJ-set at the Modular. I like some parts of the act, I appreciated their skill of producing distinguished sound effects that heightened the impact of the songs. On the other hand, I found their set a little bit repetitive, they played the same rhythms for a long time and that limited the audience inspiration for creating new dance moves. 

Saturday Artists

Maceo Plex

The well-known American DJ closed the festival at the Modular stage with two hours of house, techno and tech house tunes. His music flowed harmoniously and put us in a nice trance state. He started with an experimental techno and obscured sounds followed by low lights. I found his music very detailed and precise, he also played a lot with the tempo. Maceo characterizes for making progressive techno, and he demonstrated it with his performance, at first his rhythms were slower and as the show advanced he accelerated them. The final part was the best, the energy of the music was higher than ever and everyone was enjoying and dancing. He was the responsible to close the main stage of DGTL and he did it in a marvelous way.

Joy Orbison

The London producer played his genuine style at the Modular stage. He combined ambient house, acid techno and UK funky music in his set. Orbison created a pleasant atmosphere with admirable effects. People danced his psychedelic and elegant music with a soft flow.


The German musician presented us an hour live act of his deep house ambient and acid techno in the Modular stage. His dynamic and trippy songs engulfed us and made us move in a soft and pleasant way. He used dim lights that blended perfectly with his rhythms. I enjoyed the whole hour listening and dancing to Recondite delicate and sensitive music. 

Eats everything

The English DJ Daniel Pearce played his exquisite dance music at the AMP stage. His quick beat and fine sounds made the audience move for two hours. His show was energetic and made the sun disappear to let the moon show up. Eats Everything is a talented new DJ and is already playing at the best electronic festivals of the moment. 



A little hint for everyone who doesn't want to wait until next year:

DGTL is doing three amazing nights during the ADE week in Amsterdam.

19.10. 2017



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