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Les Plages Electroniques Lisboa 2017 - Review

The second edition of the Les Plages Electroniques Lisboa, the little brother of the festival created in Cannes, meet the expectations raised by the electronic youth. This beach fest is making a name for itself and has a big potential for growth.

The enthusiasm was already making my hard pound one week before the festival. The lineup and the Waikiki beach created outstanding expectations for the young electronic people. It was a current and exciting topic of conversation for the Lisbon youth; a different night was coming.

Main Information

The festival was held in Lisbon, more precisely at Waikiki beach located in Costa Da Caparica. It took place from the 2 to 4 of June. The field was prepared for 2000 people each day. This three-day festival started at 19 hrs and finished more or less at 5 am on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday they offered a free afternoon party between 14 to 20 hours.  The early ticket for the two-day pass cost 30 euros and closer to the date 45 euros. The day ticket prices were not more than 25 euros.

Stage and Dancefloor

Les Plages counted with only one stage where all the artists played. As it was on a beach, the dancing floor was soft sand. The fresh and comfortable sand was a huge positive aspect in my opinion. Dancing with your bare feet in a festival is something uncommon, and they made it possible. At the sides of the sandy floor were couches and beds to relax. They created a very romantic atmosphere, laying on the sofa and watching how the sun goes down with good electronic music was dreamy.


The area counted with three bars and made the sales very dynamic. A wood deck was at the back where two of the bars and the VIP room were. This part was too cool down a little bit and have a chat with your friends as the music was quieter over here. It was well distributed, and people had enough space to move through all the arena. 

DAY 1 (02/06/2017)

Friday started with DJ Vitamine a barely known Portuguese musician that is trying to make a name in the electronic environment with his techno house. Then Møme one of the most attracting DJ's of the lineup played. People began to move more with his famous hits, like "Aloha, and his chillwave gender that fit perfectly the beach air. Møme created a compelling atmosphere for the public with his broad use of synthesisers and precise effects that give to the vocal lines. Romare DJ set appear as the sun was hiding into the sea and melt as in his downtempo style mixed African instruments. Amorous voices sound with jazz and blues backgrounds. Then as the moon was coming up the rhythm turned more disco and psychedelic. The involving and distinct sounds of Matias Aguayo came next. A Chilean DJ that characterise for the gender combination and his deep voices that he sings. He made us dance slowly and enter into a shadowy world with lunatics and also tropical rhythms. Matias sing and dance distinguished his performance, and the audience really appreciated it. It was time for the more festive artists of the day, DOP, which is constituted by Damian Vandesande the music producer and the hip hop rapper Jonathan Illel. They presented an energetic show and made us enjoy with the soft voice and their immersive sound. The experienced composer Point G finished the day with his deep house sounds. I found his music too repetitive and without mystery, he uses the same beats for long times. I had to force myself to dance, and it seemed to me that the other ones too.

DAY 2 (03/06/2017)

Les Plages Electroniques Saturday afternoon started with iZEM a French that merges different cultures through his music. The Latin-American and African culture are present in his music. He played his delicate soft music and generated a spectacular mood satisfying the audience. The next DJ was Holly and turned the scene with his EDM and Dance music. It was a huge change for the festival, and maybe it was too strong. His dissonant harmonies contrasted iZEM performance. Pfel&Greem two of the four creators of C2C collective showed up as the light was fading out to give us a flow rhythm sound. Their hip hop electro music was like a shock of energy, and almost everyone started moving. Their changing and coordinate sounds were a highlight of the Lisbon fest. Now was the turn of the more awaited DJ of the night, Gramatik. From the very first minute that he played his remarkable and well-known music, people turned crazy. His instrumental electronic hip hop style made everyone dance with pleasure. Gramatik merged funk, soul, and jazz with his electronic melody for his smoothie tracks and smashed a faster tempo and dirtier sounds to change to a precise dubstep. He really fitted Les Plages Electroniques and exceeded expectations. If you ask me the best songs of his set were "As We Proceed" "Just Jammin'" "Hit That Jive" and a remix of "Honey" from Moby. It was time for the French Touch of the skilled artist Etienne De Crecy melt us in a fluent cadence. The constant voices and tones caused us to move effortlessly. The atmosphere became more gentle and quiet. Finally Moullinex the Portuguese producer appear to close the festival. His dance music full of percussion, flutes and psychedelic sounds was an excellent excuse to stay until the very end of Les Plages Electroniques. His pure harmony led to gradual and continuous movements.


To conclude although I did not like all of the acts, I had a lovely time overall. I definitely recommend this festival considering the beautiful beach where it takes place, the known DJ’s that played and the low ticket price. 

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