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Lowlands 2017 Review - The Infallible Dutch Festival Amazed Us Again

The 25 edition of Lowlands was celebrated between the 18th to 20th of August - 250 acts and performances, creative entertainments, 7 camping sites, great electronic artists and much more. Revive with us the best moments of The Camping Flight to Lowlands Paradise.Being at Lowlands was to be like in a fantasy world for three days. Everything was well planned, at every moment you had something new to experience in this adventurous cultural world. Each day of this edition started at 10:30 with a Yoga class and finished at 5 AM with the outstanding electronic sets. In between, there were so many amazing things to do that it made it difficult to decide where to go.

Besides Music

As I mentioned the variety of things to do were infinite. For example, Juliet and Helga’s were two of the stages that presented comedy acts, theatre plays, and films. A Yoga class was available for you each morning to stretch and start the day in the best way. There was a one block market by the lake where some clothing brands sold their products and next to it a science tent. Finally for the ones who like to relax and escape of the festival rush a free spa with saunas and Jacuzzi was available for them.

The three most ingenious entertainments for me were a huge washing machine in which almost 30 people could enter with their swimsuits on to have a wet party in a hidden disco. Then a corner in which people could create their own T-shirt with any word or sentence they wish. Finally, the one that I enjoyed the most was the puppet tent where you could make your own puppet with an extensive variety of elements.  At the same time, improvised puppet shows and a music band played in this welcoming tent.


Every stage was closed, and although I liked their distribution, some of them were overloaded when the most known artists played. The sound quality and the set of lights were awesome in all stages. Each stage had something particular that characterized them. 


This was the main stage, the bigger one with bands like Flume, The XX, Mumford and Sons, Alt-J, Bastille and Moderat act. Alpha counted with 5 big screens, three inside the tent and two more outside the tent for the audience that preferred to live the concert sitting down on the grass. This stage opened every day at 14 pm and closed at 23 pm.


The second most important stage was the one where the best electronic artists of the lineup played. Every day at 23:00 the electronic music turned protagonist until 5 am. Artists like Dixon, Nina Kraviz, Ben Klock and Robert Hood played at Bravo.


The beer brand stage hosts big artists also and with the almost the same imposing infrastructure of the two main stages. Carl Craig and Glass Animals were some of the artists that act there.


The music that sound in this kind of wood house was like tropical electronic and Latin American dance songs. It was the nicest stage of all in my opinion because of the joyful nature decoration and the wooden floors. The combination of the music, the place and ornaments made it a friendly spot and so a good opportunity to meet new people.



Mura Masa

DJ, electronic music producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist played at 17:00 and turned everyone crazy at the Bravo stage with his wide variety of instruments and sounds. He played the synthesizers and drums live. I really enjoy his performance and think he is growing in leaps and bounds.


The successful and experienced Berlin-based house and techno DJ closed Bravo stage on Friday with a mesmerizing set. It was fascinating how he switched the rhythms and coordinated them. He knew exactly when to slow down or accelerate the beat. It was an enchanting experience, his trippy music made me feel in a state of trance and danced fluently.


Carl Craig Presents versus Synthesizer Ensemble

The experimental techno producer surprised us with an obscured and immersive show. He combined his futurism sounds with the piano played by Francesco Tristano and two more synthesizers. This ambitious project merge techno and classical music creating a unique and fantastic experience. My mind felt relaxed and my body frees while I listened to them, the smoothness and peaceful melody of the classical music fuse to the synchronized jazz techno of Craig.

Nina Kraviz

The Russian tech house DJ, Singer, and producer stand out with a captivating set. Her performance was very dynamic and her psychedelic sounds made the atmosphere eccentric. She entertained us with her infinite rhythms which are one of the things that make her unique, her capacity to add sounds at every minute. The number of arrangements and how she perfectly mixed them into a lengthy song was stunning.



The 25-year-old DJ producer played his distinctive music at Alpha the main stage. His extraordinary electronic set had tempos and a flow that put everyone to move in special ways. He delighted us with his vast wide variety of songs and musical arrangements. He started the performance with songs of his lasts EP and then perform his most known tunes of the album Skin and Flume. The only thing that disappointed me was that he just had one hour to perform, and that made him accelerate and finished earlier some of the tracks.

Cashmere Cat

The DJ, turntablist and record producer surprised us with a combination of downtempo abstract electronic and pop voices. It was a powerful and intense set. Although his set didn’t seem original to me I appreciated how he manipulated the other artist’s songs and add danceable rhythms to them.

Ben Klock

The German DJ and techno producer wrapped us with his sensorial music. He created a stimulating and electrifying room with his ingenious set. The way he handled and swam in his techno was splendid and it left me hypnotized. It made me feel that he always came out with the exact sound. He’s one of the most experiment and creative techno DJ’s of the world and he totally demonstrated it closing Lowland festival.


Lowlands was Monumental, I definitely recommend to assist to it. As I mentioned the variety of genres, entertainments, stages were huge. For the electronic lovers at every hour you have a good artist to listen and at night the best techno DJ’s of the moment to dance endlessly. I define it like a three-day paradise, a dreamlike festival. 

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