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Nova Era EDP Beach Festival 2017 - Review

EDP Beach Festival, one of the biggest beach parties in Europe held is 10th edition Martin Garrix and Hardwell as headliners. The festival presented by Nova Era took place the 30 of June and 1 of July in Matosinhos, one of Porto’s beach’s, and attracted more than 15.000 people.

First Impressions

When I arrived on Friday I clearly noticed that the target of the festival where boys and girls between 15 to 19 years old. This is a synonym of a really energetic crowd usually amused by the extensive party and power of the sounds. The second day the average age increase as the quality of the DJ´s in my point of view. 

The Schedule was really long, twelve hours of electronic music for each day was on the agenda of EDP. A Highlight for me was that Nova Era added two Techno artist, Carlos Manaça and Miss Sheila. This two artists differentiate from the others and made the festival a little bit more interesting. I also appreciate and was surprised that Mat-Zo was in the lineup, I find his music dynamic and with involving rhythms and voices that fuse and fade in his deep sounds. 


The first day was full of commercial DJ´s with nothing that distinguished them. I tag them as commercial and similar because their performance was plain, they just played songs of other artists and when the beat comes in they show their simple sounds and rhythms shouting 1…2…1...2...3 GO the moment before to make the youth jump. Also, lots of songs were repeated by different DJ’s. Carlos Manaça was an exception with his techno music, it was something diverse.

Martin Garrix performance was marvellous, people got really crazy. His show with the play of lights and fireworks was amazing and so exciting. The intensity was higher than ever and he played a great set with a lot of interaction with the crowd.

Carnage “Papi Gordo” the Guatemalan producer was the last one of the first day. His set was more oriented to hardstyle but he also mixed it with hip-hop. It was a positive way to finish day one.

I finished day one delight by Martin Garrix set, but not so pleased about the other artist’s acts.


I was more intrigued with Saturday lineup. Mat Zo, Bassjackers, Kshmr and Hardwell were an exciting proposal. This DJ´s, in general, have a long artistic career than the Friday DJ´s and also they played most of all their own songs.

Mat Zo was really satisfying, he combined his music with remixes of other artist’s songs making an impressive show. He made us fall in his trance music and rescue us when his house and Drum and Bass. Bassjackers came next with tougher sounds and more predictable too. It was a solid performance and the people seem to appreciate it. Kshmr the Indian producer made his show as a movie. He presented us a story divided into four parts during his act. His EDM and progressive house music had a notorious influence of Indian instruments. It was a particular and satisfactory show.

Hardwell closed Nova Era Festival with a violent in a good way and dynamic show. It was an explosive party, full of amazing screen scenes, lights and fireworks. It was an hour and a half without any rest, he put our body´s to the limit with his rapid beats and awesome remixes. 


It was a long travel for me to get to Matosinhos from the centre of Porto. No official transports were hired and all the people had to reach the festival by public transport. I waited more than 30 minutes each day for the bus and some of the persons didn’t fit so they had to stay at the bus stop expecting the next bus. That was a real lowlight because it makes you really difficult to plan at what hour you have to leave to watch your favourites artists.

On Friday the main entrance had an infinite line of more than three hundred meters. It took like one hour to get into the festival zone. Although on Saturday the accessibility and the security of the festival improve they have to take more care about this aspect next year.

The VIP had the advantage of entering without making any line but it wasn’t worth it comparing to the price. The VIP was an upper small floor on one side of the field with two bars in it.

On the other hand, I really have to stand out the work Lénia the press coordinator. She was always available for us, the press, and give us all the information we need.


The festival had the beach at one side, but the floor was of grass, not of sand so I wasn’t feeling as I was at a beach.The weather wasn’t an ally, it was too windy and cold. Although there were some disadvantages everyone was able to appreciate a great view of the ocean with the sunset behind.

Food and Drink

The foods and drinks stands were well organised, you could easily get your order in only a few minutes. There wasn’t too much variety of food but that was not a problem for the young public. The drinks were also simple to get, as the festival counted with plenty of bars.


There was only one stage and in my opinion, it wasn’t big enough for the number of people that assisted. The quality and power of the speakers were right. The play of light depended on the artist show, but in general, they were adequate. Kshmr, Hardwell and Martin Garrix gave us wonderful light shows.


I recommend this festival to young people, you don´t have to be older than 18 to assist. I found it very repetitive in term of the DJ´s that played on Friday, but Saturday was much better. It’s a huge party and if you like electronic music you will enjoy it. I hope the weather help us next year.


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