13/08/2020 to 16/08/2020

Château Perché Festival

6 000
Multi Day Festival

Ainay-le-Vieil, medieval fortress with high walls, moats and classical gardens, is undeniably French Touch. But Château Perché keeps its line-up open with a selection of the best of European techno and deephouse. In this castle where Colbert’s family used to live, now Perchépolis will be rubbing shoulders. In a Kitsch universe of red velvet and golden Rococo, it is easy to lose one’s mind, forgetting not only what time it is but what year it is. With exhibits, shows, food and friends, Château Perché will once again delight the techno-lovers, summer dreamers and counter-culture creatives who join the yearly adventure.

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Aftermovie Château Perché 2017 - Ainay-le-Vieil

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