19/05/2022 to 21/05/2022

Flash Festival Tuscany

5 000
Multi Day Festival
A sun-soaked festival serving up beautiful beats with the finest Tuscan eats. Equal parts zest and zeal, FLASH Festival stemmed from a desire to bring an immersive festival experience to Italy. It started humbly in the summer of 2017, with friends and family lending their creativity to boost the cause.

Current Lineup

7 acts will play at this festival.

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17/09/22 to 18/09/22
United Kingdom
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01/07/22 to 02/07/22
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08/04/22 to 10/04/22
United States
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21/07/22 to 24/07/22
United Kingdom
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19/03/22 to 26/03/22
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