03/06/2022 to 04/06/2022

Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival

5 000
Multi Day Festival

Kosmic Kingdom evolved from Kosmos Music Festival that took place from 2014-2016 in Saint Charles Iowa. The team made the decision to change locations and rebrand after touring the new location at Sleepy Hollow. It feels truly incredible and unique, as if youre in a medieval village lost in time.

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United States

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Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival 2019 Recap After Movie

Tickets Available

02/09/22 to 11/09/22
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29/06/22 to 02/07/22
Ticket price: -
16/07/22 to 17/07/22
Ticket price: -
04/08/22 to 07/08/22
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01/07/22 to 02/07/22
Ticket price: -
30/09/22 to 02/10/22
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