Ambient House - The Story

Ambient House - The Story of Chill Out Music, 1988 - 1995 (Red Bull Music Academy)

 Longread but worth the time reading it.

At the tail end of 1989, those lucky enough to be on the KLF Communications mailing list received a package containing a pair of records that were, by the standards of the time, hugely radical.

The accompanying info sheet spelled this out in no uncertain terms. DJs were warned that the first record, which contained new remixes of the previously unissued “Last Train To Trancentral,” may be: “totally unlistenable to anyone who isn’t a freight train enthusiast or flat on their backs and out of their heads.”

In the five years that followed, ambient house – or, as it was more often referred to, “chill out music” – would provide the inspiration for a whole scene concerned not with dancing, but lying down. As dance music increased in speed and intensity over the same period with the rise of hardcore, jungle and European mutations of Detroit techno, the flipside ambient scene blossomed with it.

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