Burning Man DJ mixes 2018

2018 had some of the best electronic acts travelling to Burning Man again. We searched the web to find all the mixes from the Playa..

We will keep this list updated with everything we can find on the web!

Tycho Sunrise DJ Set on The Dusty Rhino at Burning Man

David hohme played his 7th sunrise set this year at the Bubbles & Bass camp.

David Hohme invited Vitamindevo to play at the Bubbles & Bass camp as well.

Cptn Jay was lucky enough to play at the Opulent Temple this year.

Deep Filip says: "Burning Man is one of those experiences that are hard (impossible) to describe when you have not been there yourself."

Isa played at the lonely Submarine for the first time for a trip camp to playa.

Black Velveeten played at the Sonic Runway Aboard Airpusher.

SvP played a Sunset set at the Cuddle Oasis.

swami~harami played this nice deep house set.

Another super nice sunset set by N2N.

This set comes from Byron Hsu who played at the Sk8Kamp.

Here is another sunset set at Burning Man by TyroneCornelius.

Peace & Cheeks extended set at the Ali Bar-Bar located @ 9 & Esplanade.

3 Sets of Paul Knox at Dance Church hosted by Hippocampus.

Ellen Ride played the opening set for Floasis & Pineapple Motel's Tuesday night party at Burning Man 2018.

Ardo had his first trip to Burning Man.

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