27/04/2018 to 06/05/2018


13 000
Multi Day Festival
With almost 20 performative works and 50 concerts, the 2014 donaufestival sets off on a quest in search of artistic statements that navigate within the thematic complex of humans, nature, exploitation, and exclusion between everyday realities and utopian concepts. In non-hierarchical group experiences, interventions in public space, and performative and discursive rituals, vehement visual, sonic, and vocal indictments against a world of exclusion, eradication, and destruction converge with utopian counter models for society beyond all obsolete dualistic thought and action schemes. This utopia of a new world conception in the realm of the performative arts is also reflected in the rendering of a radically new soundscape that spans from experimental electronic innovations between ambient and techno to audio-visual premieres, new band and club formats, sound art, and installations.

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