19/05/2022 to 24/05/2022

Psychedelic Circus 3D

10 000
Multi Day Festival

There is a very particular fascination about the world of circus with all its likeably bizarre and eccentric characters who defy the laws of gravity in daring ways and perform wild caprioles. Mixing it up with a proper portion of psychedelic culture results a vast adventure playground for adults: At Psychedelic Circus the boundaries between the arena and the audience, between fact and fiction, between day and night blur so that there is party without any compromise!

To gape in astonishment about something never experienced before- it is probably this very moment that makes a visit at the circus so special. The illustrious Psychedelic Circus crew takes this approach very serious year after year and therefore presents the first 3D festival in northern Europe this time. The entire decoration and projection concept is designed for producing a one of a kind optical depth when watched through special glasses.

Of course there will be also impressing depths in a musical respect. Based on a distinctly psychedelic focus, the lineup delivers varied inspirations for frisky acrobatics on the two dance floors, names like Freakshow, DNA, Tristan, Sven Snug or Symphonix might speak for themselves.

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Psychedelic Circus 2018 - Aftermovie (official)