19/08/2022 to 21/08/2022

Decibel Outdoor Festival

70 000
Multi Day Festival

Decibel is a leading hard-style festival based in Holland and regularly sells out in under one hour. Expect epic stages, fun fairs, beautiful entertainment, show specials that blow your mind and hundreds of incredible artists.

No Current Lineup

The current lineup is not out yet.

These are the acts that played on former editions of this festival.

Brennan Heart, Angerfist, Coone, Radical Redemption, Atmozfears, Wildstylez, Frequencerz, Miss K8, Headhunterz, Ran-d, Luna, Mad Dog, Vince, B-Front, Zatox, Code Black, Noisecontrollers, Darkraver, Ruthless, MC Villain, Sub Zero Project, E-Force, Outsiders, Partyraiser, Paul Elstak, Korsakoff, Audiotricz, Bass Modulators, Delete, Adaro, Crypsis, Digital Punk, D-Sturb, Sound Rush, Destructive Tendencies, Dr. Peacock, Isaac, Deetox, The Viper, The Sickest Squad, Sub Sonik, N-Vitral, Adrenalize, Phuture Noize, D-BLOCK & S-TE-FAN, Noize Suppressor, Panic, Anime, Tha Playah, Mark With A K, Dj Hype, Andy The Core, Mental Theo, I:Gor, Rebelion, M.A.N.D.Y., The Prophet, Requiem, Society, Devin Wild, Unexist, Dr. Phunk, Evil Activities, Neophyte, Bass Chaserz, Gunz For Hire, Art of Fighters, Nosferatu, D-Fence, Genius, Promo, Zany, MC Nolz, Jason Payne, Lady Dammage, F. Noize, Furyan, Bass D, Technoboy, Yves, Spitnoise, Pat B, Noisekick, Tuneboy, Unresolved, Max Enforcer, MC Tha Watcher, Francois, MC Livid, MC da Syndrome, Re-Style, Dune, MC Ruffian, MC No-ID, Demi Kanon, Thrasher, Artifact, Kutski, Deepack, Pavo, Sjammienators, Dana, Clockartz, Josh & Wesz, MC Jeff, Thera, Chain Reaction, Rooler, Degos & Re-Done, Toneshifterz, Ophidian, MC Chucky, Repix, SRB, Ecstatic, Dither, Predator, The Pitcher, The Outside Agency, Tommyknocker, System Overload, MC Alee, Ruffneck, Tatanka, Dolphin, The Stunned Guys, Catscan, The DJ Producer, Tripped, MC Boogshe, Marc Acardipane, Mind Dimension, Vandal!sm, Death By Design, Geck-o, Kasparov, MC Dart, MC Tellem, Thyron, Ncrypta, Deadly Guns, KELTEK, Deathmachine, Stanton, Alpha Twins, Dazzler, Mashup Jack, Rejecta, DJ Reza, Killshot, Cryogenic, Shadowlands Terrorists, Chris One, D-Attack, DJIPE, Crude Intentions, Angernoizer, Lethal Mg, Primeshock, Davide Sonar, Dj Daani, Wavolizer, Dany BPM, Ransom, BUREN VAN DE BRANDWEER, ANDY SVGE, Dj Shock, Malice, The SATAN, Crypton, Drs, Riot, Meagashira, Rob & Mc Joe, Wreck Reality, Kurwastyle, Suicide Rage, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Odium, Dissoactive, Sefa, plug 'n play, N3xt, Striker, Bill X, Restrained, The Dope Doctor, Nsd, Estasia, Kratchs, Streiks, Trespassed, Nekrosystem, Pln-b, Wasted Mind
Brennan Heart, Angerfist, Coone, Radical Redemption, Warface, Atmozfears, Miss K8, Frequencerz, Da Tweekaz, Wildstylez, Benny Rodrigues, Mad Dog, Noisecontrollers, Code Black, Darkraver, E-Force, Zatox, Korsakoff, Ruthless, Luna, Audiotricz, Adaro, Digital Punk, Crypsis, Vince, Partyraiser, Bass Modulators, Paul Elstak, Psyko Punkz, The Viper, Isaac, Delete, Cyber, Panic, Dr. Peacock, Deetox, The Sickest Squad, Tha Playah, Sound Rush, Noize Suppressor, Dr. Rude, Mark With A K, N-Vitral, Adrenalize, Phuture Noize, The Prophet, Neophyte, Unexist, D-Sturb, Andy The Core, Art of Fighters, I:Gor, Nosferatu, D-BLOCK & S-TE-FAN, Genius, Dr. Phunk, MC Nolz, Regain, Promo, Requiem, Devin Wild, Zany, Bass D, Pat B, Gunz For Hire, Rebelion, Technoboy, MC Tha Watcher, F. Noize, MC da Syndrome, Spitnoise, Bass Chaserz, Jason Payne, MC Livid, Lady Dammage, Endymion, Tuneboy, D-Fence, MC Jeff, Thrasher, Yves, Deepack, Furyan, MC No-ID, Prefix & Density, Drokz, Chain Reaction, Unresolved, Ophidian, Tommyknocker, Tatanka, Sei2ure, Sjammienators, The Outside Agency, Clockartz, Predator, Dither, The Stunned Guys, The Melodyst, Ruffneck, Galactixx, Demi Kanon, Buzz Fuzz, Bounty Hunter, Tripped, MC Alee, Hyrule War, MC Diesel, Catscan, Goetia, Kasparov, Dutch Movement, Penta, Scott Brown, MC Dart, Minus Militia, The Vizitor, MC Tellem, Mind Dimension, Gizmo, Deathmachine, Stanton, Mithridate, Neroz, MD&A, Chris One, Main Concern, Alpha Twins, Jappo, Deadly Guns, Crude Intentions, Dustin Hertz, Lancinhouse, Parkneger, Kick Off, Davide Sonar, The R3belz, Sub Zero Project, B-Front, Ran-d, Headhunterz

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