27/12/2019 to 03/01/2020


15 000
Multi Day Festival
In the year 2000, a tribe based in the central plains of Brazil and highly stimulated by the psychedelic beats of trance and all the renewing message and culture brought along with the style reached a year’s end without much stamina to travel to Trancoso, in the southern shores of Bahia, where for some years there had been psychedelic underground parties and especially the New Year’s party, which opened the summer party season. Since we could not travel to Trancoso, we decided to make a little New Year’s Festival in Alto Paraíso, in the state of Goias. We did this simply not to let the date go by unnoticed and not to be too sad here in the central plains ... We could never imagine that this story would stretch as far as it has.

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These are the acts that played on former editions of this festival.

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